I really dislike my new job!

There’s no guarantee that your new job is going to be just what you dreamed of. 

What can you do if you dream job turns out to be a nightmare?

  • Give yourself some time. A job move is a big change, you need time to acclimatize. Try and understand what it is that you dislike and if you believe that these dislikes will disappear once you’ve had time to settle in.
  • Have an honest conversation with your line manager. It’s not just you that’s invested time and energy up to this point! Both sides should want to make this work!
  • Don’t beat yourself up! This situation occurs far more frequently that you might think!
  • Can you return to your previous role? Hopefully you’ll have left on good terms after a successful tenure. Your previous role may no-longer be available, but the company may try and accommodate you in a new role.
  • Don’t follow one bad move with another! Before you re-start your job search, make sure you’re being realistic, no job is perfect! Did you do enough research about your new role beforehand? Do you have a good understanding of what you’re really looking for?   

Whichever route you decide to take, don’t rush your decision!

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